There is so much I want to admire About you But it’s not just about All the things that you do But your motives, too And the reasons you give I know not to be true So it is my view That your selfish ways And dishonest displays Will always outweigh All the supposed good […]

Impatience spreads And with it selfishness And a lack of consideration For the safety of others Friend, family, stranger It doesn’t seem to matter The apparent need To be somewhere now Outweighs the true need To even just get there at all People need to slow down Take a breath Prioritise Think

Peace and friendship Love and respect When did these become Such foreign concepts Helping others Selfless deeds Meeting everyone’s Basic needs A roof over their head A place to sleep Warm clothes And food to eat But now it’s money People care about Lining their pockets And filling their wallets Putting own wants Before others’ […]