The room was white. Not just the walls and floor and ceiling, but everything. The bed along the one side, the chair in the corner, the dresser, the sink and the toilet. Even the door. And the light. I could hear it; a constant hum in my head. I stood next to the bed, facing […]

“You don’t have to do this.” “I do.” “There must be another way.” “Like what?” “I… I don’t know.” “There we go then.” “So you’re really willing to risk it all?” “I am.” “You’d sacrifice everything?” “I would.” “Including us?” “Yes.” “But you told me you-” “I said I’d never give you up to save […]

“No deal.” “What?” “I said no deal.” “You being serious right now?” “Yeah, this transaction is definitely weighted in your favour.” “What the-?” “It feels like I’m not really getting my money’s worth here.” “Dude, just give me your wallet or I’ll fucking shoot you.” “Alright, chuck in your shoes as well and you’ve got […]

Yet another project I know I won’t finish. But I want to see how this plays out. The plan is to give two possible paths at the end of each ‘chapter’ and allow you the reader (or readers if there’s actually more than one of you) to choose what the character does. I will then, […]

I had dreamed of this moment for so long. The person I had spent most of my adult life fawning over, the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She lay naked before me, real, in the flesh. No longer would I have to rely on my imagination, and those stolen glimpses through […]

“I bet you haven’t seen one of these before.” Vic blinked, a disinterested look on his face. “A gun? Yes, I’ve seen a gun.” “Well I bet you’ve never fired one,” the thug sneered. “Never needed to,” Vic replied flatly, giving his nose a scratch. He let out a yawn, clearly not at all bothered […]

“Hey! Haven’t seen you around for a while.” “Yeah, I had a little trip.” “Did you go anywhere nice?” “No. Just the hospital.” “While on holiday?” “Holiday? No, I mean I had a fall…” “Oh.” “Oh.”   #AwkwardConversations #AmBored

Previously: Part 5 All chapters Part 6 Faith. The one thing I had always lacked. In people, in a God, in myself. I needed now to have faith in that which I had dismissed as my imagination, and ultimately all but forgotten. Faith in the very thing that haunted the first ten years of my […]

“This place feels familiar.” I looked around the forest clearing. “Oh, good.” The relief in Violet’s voice was noticeable. “I was afraid you wouldn’t remember it.” I cocked my head to one side. “Have we been here before?” She gave me a look I was far too used to seeing. That look which says ‘you’re […]