Take Me Back

I want to find a place In this world Where I can feel at home I want to find a face That I can wear And feels like my own   I want to find my people All so different No-one feels like a clone I want to stand In a crowd Where I don't [...]

Under The Microscope

Every second, every minute Every hour, every day Everything we ever do Everything we ever say   Always on camera Texts and phone calls logged Every tweet or post or 'gram All we write about or blog   Held on record somewhere In case we ever get flagged up Or find ourselves in the public [...]


That is what I see On WordPress and Instagram Facebook and Twitter Looking to catch a glimpse Inside the lives Inside the minds Of the bloggers Writers Poets Artists Exhibitionists, one and all Putting themselves on show For the world to ogle With those that view Follow Like Comment And every one of you reading [...]