“Ignorance is bliss” Perhaps for you it is But those of us in the know Have to suffer you Believing that you know it all When in truth you know nothing at all And no matter the evidence That you are presented with You dismiss it all as hearsay Label it all as heresy   […]

A pill for this, a pill for that For building muscle or trimming fat A pill to help with dieting Or supplement our vitamins A pill to help you sleep at night To make you think it’s all alright A pill to take away the pain In your body or in your brain A pill […]

What a shambles Everything in disarray You took a gamble But it didn’t work out the way That you envisaged You pinned your hopes On a losing horse Now destined for The knacker’s yard Oh, what a mess How did it come to this? It’s time to reassess Find a way out of this crisis […]

Camaraderie Is not a commodity To be bought or sold Or taken for granted It isn’t something You just find on the street Traded with just anyone you meet It should never be demanded Nor always expected It must built over time Through shared experiences Requiring trust Mutual understanding and support And when found It […]

It scares me to see this nation so divided At a time when we need to be united Once tiny cracks have grown to gaping chasms With people burning bridges and splitting into factions I fear the damage may never be undone I’m terrified, for the worst is still to come Not because of what […]

I am a mirror Held up to society Allowing it to see its true face The anger I show Is only a reflection of what I see The hate I feel Is no more than a reflection Of what has been shown to me   Inspired by this photo: Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash Alex Iby

Start with an element of truth An established fact they won’t dispute Provide some visual evidence For the doubters in the audience Speak with little bit of confidence And you can convince Anyone who listens Make them believe Any lie you can conceive   That is what’s being done to you You know it’s true […]

There are very few things That I hate more Than wasted words   In a world where we are told Asked Warned Begged Pleaded with To not waste food So it can instead be used To feed the hungry To not waste money And instead use it To help the needy To not waste clothes […]

Gathering threads of truth Weaving them together Twisting facts To form a rope And tie the noose From which you plan To hang our freedom   Society is broken Honesty and integrity Have been taken to the gallows Friendship and love Marched to the block From which run rivulets Of the blood Of the values […]

Have you ever had an original thought Or do you simply regurgitate All you are told and taught Agreeing with the last person you heard The last story you read Are you really that suggestible Hopelessly susceptible You’re so damn pliable That anything is sellable You’re a marketer’s dream A spin doctor’s fantasy Making their […]