Society’s Rules

Society's rules You just gotta accept That someone ushered in While the rest of us slept You gotta stand in line You gotta keep in step You gotta hold your tongue Keep your words in check You gotta play their game In everything you do But sometimes You gotta break the rules Before the rules [...]


I am a mirror Held up to society Allowing it to see its true face The anger I show Is only a reflection of what I see The hate I feel Is no more than a reflection Of what has been shown to me Inspired by this photo:Photo by Alex Iby on UnsplashAlex Iby

Wasted Words

There are very few things That I hate more Than wasted words   In a world where we are told Asked Warned Begged Pleaded with To not waste food So it can instead be used To feed the hungry To not waste money And instead use it To help the needy To not waste clothes [...]

Trash Mag

You call it gloss I call it dross You call it news But that word's misused It's all gossip and hearsay Rumours from yesterday Fashion tips Beauty tricks Rules on surviving the high school cliques Who's a stud? Who's the dud? What's the latest bad blood? Who got plastered? Had a make-up disaster? Who's too [...]

Plastic Personalities

I see far too many trends Rooted in today's society Like the need to always take offence At every opportunity   Or how all debates descend Into chaos and hostility And remaining level-headed Is a long forgotten ability   Or the way people need approval To measure their own validity And live their lives in [...]

Under The Microscope

Every second, every minute Every hour, every day Everything we ever do Everything we ever say   Always on camera Texts and phone calls logged Every tweet or post or 'gram All we write about or blog   Held on record somewhere In case we ever get flagged up Or find ourselves in the public [...]

Look // Listen // Learn

As a vaccine needs A sample of the disease As a cure for poison Requires a taste of the venom You will never understand What life is like on the other side If you don't live it yourself See the world through their eyes Experience the ways They fill their days Or at least take [...]

Foreign Concepts

Peace and friendship Love and respect When did these become Such foreign concepts Helping others Selfless deeds Meeting everyone's Basic needs A roof over their head A place to sleep Warm clothes And food to eat But now it's money People care about Lining their pockets And filling their wallets Putting own wants Before others' [...]


Do you find yourself vexed Bewildered and perplexed By the nonsense all around you And the people that surround you Are you sick of all the trends Never knowing who's your friend Are you tired of the same old shit Wishing you could somehow quit The never-ending chore that we call life   Yeah, me [...]