Friend From Foe

Friend From Foe: pt.1

Nick Knight opened his eyes as his hand searched blindly for his ringing mobile phone. “Go away,” he groaned, tiredness and anger combined in his voice. Eventually locating it he picked it up carefully, being sure to avoid touching the screen and inadvertently answering the call. Squinting against the harsh white light in the otherwise… Continue reading Friend From Foe: pt.1

Short stories

The start, middle or end of something…

It's NaNoWriMo! Hurray! The month of the year where aspiring writers attempt to write a 50,00 word novel in 30 days! Huzzah! And most of us fail! Wahey! Oh, wait no, that's not something to cheer. Anyway, knowing that if I were to try I would fail, I decided to not even try. That is,… Continue reading The start, middle or end of something…

Alive (sort of)

Alive (sort of): pt.1

“Have you ever felt so... alive?!” She stood on the very edge of the parapet, swaying gently. I looked at her, unimpressed. “Well, yeah,” I shrugged. “You know, when I was actually alive?” “Really?” She stood, hands on her hips, clearly not happy about my lack of enthusiasm. “I could’ve just killed you before. Maybe… Continue reading Alive (sort of): pt.1