Self harm Isn’t just slit wrists Cuts on your arms Putting out cigarettes On your thighs   Self harm Is ignoring the storm Never seeking calm Letting the weight inside Pull you down It’s papering the cracks Ignoring the fact That you’ve fallen down And you lack the strength To get back up On your […]

Disobey the demons That demand you stay In the cell That they fashioned from yourself   Do not listen to the voices That try to keep you shackled Within your shell   They’ll try to keep you silent Use dirty tricks To make you compliant Make you think They’re all you have When in reality […]

Why do you do you this to yourself Suffering; never seeking help Your pain is clear for all to see But you let it fester and eat away Dismiss concern, ignore the pleas Of those who wish for this to cease We ask “What’s wrong?” because we care So please be honest with us and […]