She took my heart Cold to the touch As still and hard as stone And she held it Palms wrapped around it Holding it to her chest Warming it Thawing it The beat of her own Bringing mine back to life Yet also shaping it Moulding it So intricate in its design That no matter […]

Two souls Shattered like glass Broken into a thousand shards The pieces scattered With no hope of being made whole again As two But while broken by different means The fragments of one Match so perfectly the other That as one they can be mended Never the same as they once were But made anew […]

It is not uncommon For an artist to reuse a canvas When experimenting with styles In case the finished product Is not worth a clean one As such Many paintings through history To achieve critical acclaim And everlasting fame Hold a secret A hidden masterpiece Invisible to the casual observer Only seen by those Who […]

I was but a boy when we met Broken Fractured Imprisoned in a life I never wanted Afraid of growing up And taking on the world Shying away from every challenge   And then there was you Strong and determined You captured my heart Enraptured my soul And helped me in so many ways Gave […]

Never have I met anyone so inspiring As you No truer soul than the one residing In you All I need to keep my heart from tiring Is you   When I find it hard to keep on smiling I think of you When all the other stars have stopped shining I look to you […]

Perfection is a construct Built by each and every one of us We all have our own idea Of what is perfect And to me, you are it There is not a single thing that I would change I love you for who you are For how you are And it hurts me more than […]

Hand in hand on the riverbank Is how I remember us Just the sound of the waterfall And the beating of our hearts   We never looked at one another We both already knew We were right where we belong You with me and me with you   It may have only been a moment […]

You are the fight I will not run from The storm I will not shelter from The fire I don’t want saving from The prison there’s no escaping from   You bring chaos to the calmness A force no man can harness My refuge from the harshness A pillar of love among the heartless   […]

You’re everywhere Everything I see Every sound I hear Every scent I smell Every object that I touch Provokes some memory Of you and me   You’re everywhere In times of leisure In moments of pain There’s no escaping it You’re in my head In my heart