Another day Another week Another month The year stuck in fast-forward The pause button long since lost No slowing the passage of time Deadlines approach Deadlines pass In the blink of an eye Moments I set aside for myself Too fleeting Too fast Gone


Frantically searching for answers To questions not yet asked Waiting for a bite on the line I haven't even yet cast Urgently grasping for minutes But time moves way too fast Trying to look to the future But always held back by the past   If you liked this, you should totally check out my [...]

Looking Back

I read the words that I once wrote The way I used to think A snapshot of a younger me Immortalized in ink   It's so long since I wrote it Yellowed paper, faded lines The handwriting is different But the words I know are mine   And for a moment I travel back I [...]

Take Your Time

Take your time There's no rush If it isn't worth the wait Then it isn't good enough . It's okay To hesitate To think things through Do what's right for you . Until then I'll be here Waiting for the day You turn to me and say "I'm ready"