Another 100 words in 100 seconds

Another writing exercise where I gave myself 100 seconds to write a story, before editing down to 100 words. It seemed too good to be true. Not only had this muppet dropped his keys, but posted online whereabouts he’d lost them, even adding his address, requesting whoever finds them pop them through his letterbox as [...]

100 words in 100 seconds

I gave myself 100 seconds to write 100 words (initial word count was 117, so I had to edit slightly to bring it down to 100). This is the result: The night was dark, as night tends to be. Through the quiet streets hurried a young woman. As she passed by an ale house, a [...]

The Fall Of An Empire

"How quickly an empire can fall." "I... I don't understand what went wrong." "You allowed greed and complacency to get the better of you. Rookie mistake." "But-" "Buy cheap, build fast. I told you that's the way to do it." "Whatever. Monopoly's a stupid game, anyway."   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge [...]

Dea Ignis – vss

England, circa. 1660 AD Hundreds gathered in the square, surrounding the pyre, cheering loudly. Two priests stood by the pile of wood, bibles in hands. A woman, young in years, was dragged roughly along the ground by half a dozen guards, towards the pyre. She was dressed in a white gown, though muddied and torn; [...]

Pest Control – vss

Warming my hands against the flames I watched the shapes begin to materialize out of the murk. It was always foggy by the river, day or night, and the warmth and light the fire provides never failed to draw them out. They would come in search of food; flesh and marrow, preferably human but they weren't [...]

Code Red

We approach the checkpoint. The rain hasn't let up all day and the road is more akin to a river. Muddy brown water flows over the tops of our shoes as it gurgles down hill. We're trying hard to hold our hoods in place, but the icy wind snaps at our fingers, freezing them down [...]


"There's a hierarchy, kid," I remember my dad telling me as he cleaned the blood from my face. "You're the new blood." I didn't understand what he meant. "What's one of them?" "Hierarchy?" he asked. I nodded. "It's the position each person holds; who's in charge and who keeps their head down." "Sounds stupid, dad." [...]

Dreamwalker – short story

"Dreamwalker, this note is your next bit of data. Please contact the agency at your convenience. No further information until next transmission. This is broadcast #8277. Do not delete." I read it again. And again. And again, just to make sure. Who the hell is Dreamwalker? "Well, at least it's not the fisting one again," [...]

Elephant in the room

"Thank you all for attending this meeting today on the plague of trophy hunting. And yes, before we begin I think it is only right for us to address the elephant in the room. This is Kevin, and his mother was killed by poachers and her tusks removed. Everyone, please say hello to Kevin." Response [...]

Cause of Death

"Cause of death, Doctor?" "I am 98% certain it he was killed with Kindness, Detective." "Kindness? I thought that was eradicated in 2016." "Not quite; though it is in rapid decline." "Well thank you, Doctor. You've been very helpful." "You bastard." Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: kindness