I can’t handle This rejection The dejection I feel Abandoned By the voices In my time Of greatest need Come back to me My children I need to hear You speak Otherwise I cannot write   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: rejection

I listen out For the words In the hope That my muses Have something to say But I can’t Hear them Over the silence That rings In my ears   In response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: quiet

I envy those With the talent and the knack To write stories And see them through To the end I try To swim those waters But I tend just to paddle In the shallows Testing the waters Getting no deeper than my ankles Before heading back to shore And on the rare occasion I make […]

My muse, my inspiration Is a restless soul Always on the move So nimble, so fast Never in the place I saw it last I spend so long trying to find it That by the time I do the moment’s past   In response to the Word of the Day prompt: vagabond

Drifting further away With every passing day Writing no longer my only release I’ve another means now of finding peace No more do I feel that urge to create Because it just doesn’t offer the same escape All I tend to do now is regurgitate I’ve exhausted all topics and drained the well And I’ve […]

I have all the words I want to say In my head But they’ve locked themselves away And refuse to come out and play I am poised and ready to write Fingers linger on the keyboard Ready to type But the words won’t budge I’ve tried every trick I know To give them a nudge […]

It’s all gone quiet in my head The voices have departed Leaving empty silence in their wake I will not pretend I liked them all There were many I despised And so often wished would leave But with them gone I cannot bear their absence And the silence they have left behind A silence in […]