Calling Me Home

The mountains Are calling me home I hear their song in my heart Whispering Urging me To return I taste the waters Of the fjords Crisp and clear On my tongue I feel the vines Of the forests below Snaking around me Tightening around me Dragging me back The clouds descend From the summits Cloaking [...]

All The Same

In the end We're all the same Flesh and blood And skin and bone It shouldn't matter Our place of birth Colour of skin Which gods we trust   We all breathe The same air Bask beneath The same sun Wish upon The same stars   No matter who we are Our race or religion [...]


We all dream of California Pretty people on every corner Trying to make it big So the whole world knows their face   But we can't all earn a fortune Not enough fame for everyone For every pedigree breed out there There's ten times as many strays   With predators and deviants Calculated, devious Preying [...]

Final Goodbye

I wrote in my poem Creases that I keep some of my old poems in a drawer next to my bed. Here is one of them, written (I believe) around twelve years ago. It has only been lightly edited for posting, including giving it a new title. It was written very much as a song, [...]

It Had To Be This Way

When I tell the story Of my darkest moment The time I came closest To pulling the plug Too many people tell me "You never should have reached that point" But yes, I should   It was only through that experience I found the strength to confront my demons To seek out the light in [...]


"It seemed like a good idea at the time" Is a phrase I uttered all too often in my youth Trying to justify my stupid actions Like jumping off a three-storey car-park roof Or giving a teacher a ton of abuse Nearly resulting in me being thrown at of school And contrary to several witnesses' [...]


Insomnia Caused by paranoia Convinced that if I fall asleep I may never wake up And in my state of sleeplessness My fear only worsens And when I do drift off Panic sets in And I'm jolted back to wakefulness Heartbeat racing Cold sweat forming I must stay awake So I can see it coming [...]

A Gaze Enough

She could disappear Into any crowd A nondescript haircut A forgettable face Unremarkable clothing No distinguishable feature Save her gaze   A gaze enough To ensnare any man Captivating Enthralling Bewitching Enchanting Beguiling Enslaving   A gaze enough To make all else Seemingly disappear

Look // Listen // Learn

As a vaccine needs A sample of the disease As a cure for poison Requires a taste of the venom You will never understand What life is like on the other side If you don't live it yourself See the world through their eyes Experience the ways They fill their days Or at least take [...]