The mountains Are calling me home I hear their song in my heart Whispering Urging me To return I taste the waters Of the fjords Crisp and clear On my tongue I feel the vines Of the forests below Snaking around me Tightening around me Dragging me back The clouds descend From the summits Cloaking […]

Am I present in the present Or was I passed by in the past And left behind Am I the one before the mirror Reflecting on the man I see Or am I the reflection looking back Mimicking the man I wish I could be Are my words even my own Or echoes of those […]

So long since I had clear direction I’ve been ambling aimlessly instead Wandering in circles Crossing over my own footprints The breadcrumb trail I thought I’d left Either stolen by birds Or washed away by the rain   I find myself at a familiar crossroads Choosing a new path each time Yet always coming back […]

In the end We’re all the same Flesh and blood And skin and bone It shouldn’t matter Our place of birth Colour of skin Which gods we trust   We all breathe The same air Bask beneath The same sun Wish upon The same stars   No matter who we are Our race or religion […]

Whilst I take comfort from good company I find solace in my solitude So if I choose to be alone It’s not just me being rude   When on my own I’ve time to think Clear some space in my head Maybe write a poem or two Keep that impulse fed   Don’t take my […]

We all dream of California Pretty people on every corner Trying to make it big So the whole world knows their face   But we can’t all earn a fortune Not enough fame for everyone For every pedigree breed out there There’s ten times as many strays   With predators and deviants Calculated, devious Preying […]

Rejuvenate Revitalise Invigorate And energise Clean the slate Start anew Cast off the weight That’s holding you It’s time to make Your chances tell Break free, escape From your cell You hold the key To all the doors So go, be free The chance is yours

You see yourself As a lion Prowling Hunting Searching out your prey Patient At first But it’s late now in the day And your hunger Is growing Salivating at the prospect You’re desperate So desperate You can’t hold back There’s something carnal And primal You’re too weak to contain it You move in For the […]