Instead of starting something That I will never finish I finished something I have not even started Or am I in the middle Of a story with no end And that has not yet begun Writing with no aim With no purpose Is freeing I will admit But the confusion Is certainly more pronounced   […]

It’s all gone quiet in my head The voices have departed Leaving empty silence in their wake I will not pretend I liked them all There were many I despised And so often wished would leave But with them gone I cannot bear their absence And the silence they have left behind A silence in […]

I used to write Using fancy words Believing at the time That this is what made poetry great Yet in truth My writing was anything but For what use are such words If I cannot shape them   So now I write Using only the words That I need to get my point across No […]

The hardest thing I find When it comes to writing poetry Is not the rhythm or the rhyme The structure or the melody   The words flow from within The form they take is natural I put no effort in To that part of the cycle   Instead, the hardest part for me Is giving […]

Each day Is just another ripple of time Carrying us farther and farther From the epicenter Of our existences   Just as a stone is tossed into a lake We were brought into this world Through a moment of fancy Of adventure Of boredom Of over-excitement Or perhaps just mere curiosity   And now With […]

I like to make you think But I don’t want to blow your mind I don’t want to bury the point and purpose Make it something you struggle to find   I won’t use fancy words That nobody understands I won’t leave you needing a dictionary Constantly at hand   I’ll always try to make […]

I tend to be regarded as something of a heathen by arty people. I’m not a fan of popular art. I can appreciate the talent of the artist, but I don’t derive any pleasure from looking at their drawings, paintings, sketches, etc.. When asked for my opinion, I will state, simple, “I don’t like it.” […]