I Write

I write And I write And I write Nearly every day Often twice or thrice a day Anything and everything That enters my head I write   Inspiration comes and goes Like the tide Or the waves of an onslaught in a boxing ring Sometimes when it strikes It is little more than a glancing [...]


I keep my old poems In a drawer next to my bed Filed away for more than a decade Destined to never be read The paper's creased Crumpled and torn Filled with words of love Rage, regret and scorn The angst and anguish Of a teenage mind Writing the only escape It could ever find [...]

Can’t Stop Me

I bash one out Maybe three times a day But the pressure inside It never goes away When it gets too much I just have to find peace I feel it building And I need to release Whether sat at work Or on the train I can't hold back I've got no restraint Always rising [...]

Writer’s Curse

Empty notebook Pen in hand Thinking hard But the river's dammed Spent all day Trying to write But nothing's flowing No words in sight Put down the notebook Put down the pen I'll get some sleep Then try again Head hits the pillow Off goes the light Now come the words Piercingly bright Prick like [...]

Looking Back

I read the words that I once wrote The way I used to think A snapshot of a younger me Immortalized in ink   It's so long since I wrote it Yellowed paper, faded lines The handwriting is different But the words I know are mine   And for a moment I travel back I [...]

Writing: It’s What I Do

“What do you do?” Now that's a question I've been hearing a lot lately. I've recently been using Meetup; a website/app designed for people to create groups in order to meet other people and make friends. So I've been attending some ‘meetups’ and meeting people. Now, I really dislike initiating small talk. I'm okay if [...]

Ramblings: Just Get On And Do It

"I'm no good at writing." "I can't find the right words." "It wouldn't be as good as yours." I keep hearing excuses such as these. People tell me that they'd love to write poetry, but they won't simply because they feel it wouldn't be good enough.   Do aspiring footballers say "Well, I'll never be as [...]