There is plenty of profanity throughout this site, as well as strong views and opinions. I write about love, politics, depression, seasons, pretty much anything. Some of it’s serious, some is cynical, sarcastic or satirical.

If you are easily offended or feel uncomfortable with such content, you probably shouldn’t stick around. If you disagree with anything I write and would like to have a grown-up discussion, be my guest. If you come at me with insults or other aggressive language, I will not allow myself to be brought down to your level.

If a poem appears to be targeted towards any specific groups or individuals, it probably is. Those targeted will generally be politicians or political parties, or people that have wronged either myself or somebody I care about.

It should be obvious enough, but just in case it isn’t:
All thoughts, opinions and whatever are entirely my own and do not represent those of anybody else the reader may suspect (for reasons logical or otherwise).

If you feel so inclined, you are welcome to share and reblog anything on this site, as long as it is clearly attributed to myself or this site.

Most ‘personal’ pieces are influenced by my own experiences, or occasionally those of friends or family. Some may be recent events, others are past. There are also a few purely fictional writings, though these are usually short stories. Basically, I do not write ‘characters,’ but real people.

Do not just tell me to follow your blog or check out your posts. Link related posts via mine if you wish, but don’t just see this site as a free advertising space. Offending comments will be flagged as spam.

I will not do the whole ‘follow for a follow’ nonsense. If I like your content then I will follow. If you don’t like my content then don’t follow. It’s very simple.

None of those chainmail-style ‘awards’ please.