Tell me What do you see Your prophecy Of what will be What does the future Have in store Around the corner Behind the door Which once opened Cannot be closed Please tell me What I should choose As my next move Now you mean to tell me That you can’t see What lies in […]

Before I look for someone else I must first find myself Search deep inside my mind Ignoring nothing that I find Explore my memories and dreams Lose myself in hopes and fears Study every part of who I am From the smiles and the laughs Right down to the tears For if I don’t even know […]

Why the urgency? What’s the emergency? What’s so important That that it really cannot wait? That you can’t run the risk Of being thirty seconds late?   You choose to speed instead Can’t stop so run a red Drive the wrong way up a one-way road Because your need to be on time Outweighs any […]

What I would give To know the right measure of conceit That one should show For far too often I express Too much or not enough The self-doubt I show In social interactions Giving rise to awkward moments The displays of self-confidence Mistaken for narcissism and arrogance So rarely able to strike that balance Then […]

The mountains Are calling me home I hear their song in my heart Whispering Urging me To return I taste the waters Of the fjords Crisp and clear On my tongue I feel the vines Of the forests below Snaking around me Tightening around me Dragging me back The clouds descend From the summits Cloaking […]

Come one, come all And heed my call I’m here to share To show I care And deliver to you A manifesto A proclamation Of my intention To lead our nation From ruination I’ve seen your needs I’ve paid no heed But bullshit Is my specialist subject Along with vaguely worded promises Buzzwords I know […]

Calm one minute An inferno the next Swayed by a misquote With no clue of the context   It doesn’t take much For the masses to turn When they’re so out of touch And unwilling to learn   No checking the facts No searching for truth They blindly attack Without waiting for proof   Each […]

I try to be pragmatic In much of what I do My reasoning scientific To see each project through But I’m indecisive and erratic It’s so very problematic And I never seem to get through Every job I need to do   And yet when it comes to you I find myself dogmatic I throw […]

Indecision and uncertainty overwhelms me I forever wonder As thoughts of quitting wander Unchecked around my mind Sometimes they whisper Sometimes they shout and they scream And there are moments when they say nothing at all But these moments of silence Are too few and far between Not granting enough of a respite From the near […]