Dare I Dream

A paradeOf tortured soulsMarches byMy bloodshot eyesAs another nightTakes its toll But soonThe sun will riseAnd so must I Yet amid the wailsAnd primal screamsI hear the talesOf the In BetweenWhere NightHas long since endedBut Day has yet to comeDare I dream?


We’re the Disunited Kingdom of DysturbiaA once great nation now a dystopiaWhere the leaders cling to power while the rest of us sufferAnd it won’t be long before we all turn on each other We’re the Disunited Kingdom of DysturbiaA nation run by the state-fed mediaAnd no-one has a clue who to even trust‘Cause of [...]

Twelve Months

There may be daysI fantasizeAbout you And I envy othersWhen I see themWith you But I'd be lyingIf I saidI miss you The best thing thatI ever didWas quit you I never thoughtI ever wouldResist youAnd it tookAll of my strengthTo do soBut everydayI make it throughWithout youI know the best thing thatI ever didWas [...]

hanging by a thread – out 04/04/22

"Society is hanging by a threadAnd if we don’t actIt’s going to snapOur necks" Society is hanging by a thread. Or several. Either dangling from a noose or suspended from a marionettist’s paddle. Or a frayed rope, ready to snap and send us all plunging into the abyss. The poems in this collection explore some [...]

Suicidal Idolism

Media, once social,Now is nothing if not tribal ‘Followers’ another wordFor a herd of blind disciples Hanging off the every wordOf the wealthy and entitled Popularity the faithOf the braindead and the idle Hashtags become commandmentsBy which judgement shall by passed With scripture shared so thoughtlesslyBy zealots unabashed Worshipping false godsOf a modern-day religion That [...]

Laid To Waste

We are the generationDoing that which must be doneBut with no thanks to you;We gotta do this on our own It is we who bear the burdenOf the choices that you madeYou weighed us down with crossesThat we’ll carry to the grave ‘Cause while you were busy dreamingHolding on to yesterdayYou forgot about tomorrowAnd the [...]

Teach Don’t Taunt

IgnoranceIs not a crimeBut somethingWe can address Through teaching -Not ridicule -Is how we allProgress As childrenWere we laughed atWhen we gotA question wrong Or did ourTeachers aid usDo their bestTo help us learn So why do weAs adultsShow othersSuch disdain When we know thatWe could help themIf we took timeTo explain


There is no roadmap For love The only way to get there Is by going off The beaten track To forge a path Of your own Until you find A heart to call Your home

No End In Sight

There’s no end to the madnessThere’s no end to the crazeThere’s no end to the lunacyThis is more than a phase There’s no end to the frenzyNow we’ve set it ablazeThere’s no end to the follyOf the human race There’s no end to the stupidThere’s no fucking escapeWe just keep on makingAll the same mistakes [...]


Life was never meant to beA competitionA battle for positionA fight for recognition But instead of working side by sideWe’re locked in oppositionOnly ever focused onAchieving our own ambitions Completing our own missionTo the detriment of the widerHuman condition Remember greater power comesFrom fusion not fissionSo why is our societySo hell-bent on division What we [...]