What could possibly be more stimulating Than watching your country disintegrating Wondering what course of action is best And whether the outcome be worth all this distress Friends fighting friends; backstabbing the new norm No-one accepting that they’d been misinformed   And whilst people from all sides claim they have the answers Rather than fix […]

I sit atop a lonely mountain Watching others play Perhaps I’ll get to join them Someday…   I’ll climb the trees Scrape my knees And if I feel brave Boldly march Into the dark Of some old spooky cave   I’ll roam the hills Explore the wilds I will venture far and wide I won’t […]

I was but a boy when we met Broken Fractured Imprisoned in a life I never wanted Afraid of growing up And taking on the world Shying away from every challenge   And then there was you Strong and determined You captured my heart Enraptured my soul And helped me in so many ways Gave […]

Loose lips An uninhibited tongue No care For the damage done Encouraging Violence and hurt Lives lost To careless words And still You carry on Belligerent Fueling the hostility Feeding the toxicity Yet denying responsibility For the actions your words bring

Never have I met anyone so inspiring As you No truer soul than the one residing In you All I need to keep my heart from tiring Is you   When I find it hard to keep on smiling I think of you When all the other stars have stopped shining I look to you […]

However hard it feels Each time that you fall See it as another chance to rise Each blow life deals No matter how painful Is another invitation to fight   The world may beat you down But it can never keep you down If you only remember That you’ve always a reason to fight So […]

Some might call me barmy But I don’t like it balmy I’d much sooner be too cold than warm I was born in the winter When the weather’s icy bitter And there’s barely any calm between each storm   Walking in the snow Is tiring and slow But even the shortest distance feels like an […]

“You don’t seem depressed…” I still hear that From more than a few people I ask them “Why? Because you’ve never seen me cry? Because there’s no scars on my wrists? I’m not the way the movies depict? I don’t walk around with a doleful look, Like I’m permanently down on my luck?” And all […]

Sing your hymns Say your prayers Give thanks and praise To your God Ask for blessings Beg forgiveness For your sins Call for peace An end to hunger Pray for the homeless And the sick Ask your Lord To have mercy On our souls For that is what You think your faith’s about   But […]

Camaraderie Is not a commodity To be bought or sold Or taken for granted It isn’t something You just find on the street Traded with just anyone you meet It should never be demanded Nor always expected It must built over time Through shared experiences Requiring trust Mutual understanding and support And when found It […]