Media corporations Rule the airwaves Broadcasting propaganda From the T.V stations Turning us into slaves Programming our minds Controlling the population From inside our own heads We are the braindead generation  

I like to make you think But I don’t want to blow your mind I don’t want to bury the point and purpose Make it something you struggle to find   I won’t use fancy words That nobody understands I won’t leave you needing a dictionary Constantly at hand   I’ll always try to make […]

When I need you You’re nowhere to be found I spend all day searching for you Listening and looking out for you But I catch no sight nor sound of you Yet when night comes And I lay down my head And wait for sleep to take me You return Talking incessantly Not giving me […]

Twenty eight and (nearly) a half years Three hundred and forty one months One thousand, four hundred and eighty two weeks Ten thousand, three hundred and seventy six days Two hundred and forty nine thousand and twenty four hours Fourteen million, nine hundred and forty one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes Eight hundred and […]

A common misconception Is that because I have strong opinions And I am not afraid to give them a voice And stand by my beliefs With unwavering conviction I must be narrow-minded Unwilling to listen to the opposition Unable to consider a different viewpoint But this is often claimed By those who talk over me […]

I wrote in my poem Creases that I keep some of my old poems in a drawer next to my bed. Here is one of them, written (I believe) around twelve years ago. It has only been lightly edited for posting, including giving it a new title. It was written very much as a song, […]

There will be no apology From me to society And all who don’t like me I wasted too much time Playing by the rules Trying to be liked Making friends For the me that wasn’t even real And when I finally Lifted the veil And lowered the mask The me that I’d been hiding Was […]

The stars fade The moon retreats The sky lightens And the sun rises For what may be Our final dawn   We stand Shoulder to shoulder Watching The enemy approach Marching Banners waving Drums pounding War horns sounding   Until they stop And stand Shoulder to shoulder Facing us The warm sun rising at our […]

Jack of all trades And master of none No need to be the best As long as I’m having fun   Winning doesn’t matter If it means I sacrifice The pleasure and enjoyment And nothing is worth that price   I just want to take part I don’t care about competing If victory becomes a […]

Medicate me Rid me of the pain Give me every pill that I can swallow Stick every needle in my vein   I don’t want to feel What’s going on within The disease inside my head Underneath my skin   Medicate me, please Give me everything you’ve got I just want to be at peace […]