Safety Security Nothing but lies Luring you in Until you allow the comfort To get the better of you Then somebody will fuck it all up Shatter the illusion On which you risked it all Destroy what semblance of sanity You’d held onto Leave you with nothing But shards Cutting deep Until the blood runs […]

I pledged myself to you I’m sure before I even knew Your name I was simply waiting For when the moment came For us to meet We were meant to be A guarantee for eternity In this life, in this time In the last or in the next We were bound to find One another […]

I can’t seem to make it out of second gear Crawling my way through yet another year I don’t know what of but I’m afraid And the overwhelming uncertainty and fear Keeps me from shifting gear I can’t get the clutch to engage I see the others in fast lane Passing me by And I […]

If it feels like I’m pushing you away That’s just my way Of begging you to stay   If it seems like I’m showing you the door I’m not telling you to leave I’m asking you to never go that way   If I act like I want to be alone Don’t leave me on […]

He knew, deep down, That she had not always been there But he could not for the life of him Remember a time when she wasn’t It was as though she’d hacked into his memories And written herself into them

Awake in bed A thousand stories running through my head In worlds that exist only in my mind If I only had the time to explore Such adventure I would find And every possible tangent Every decision I could make Each road I could choose to take Spawns a new world Of infinite possibilities It […]

It’s hard to show humility When you know that you’re the best It’s such a fight to keep the vanity And arrogance repressed Faking all this modesty Is by far my biggest test When I know quite honestly I’m so far beyond the rest   I’m not arrogant, I promise thee Nor am I self-obsessed […]

I’ve been bitten Now I’m stricken And I’m ridden with greed All I want Is forbidden But I can’t shake the need   Unbidden This condition Took a hold without permission Now I’m driven By addiction And I’m losing inhibition   I can’t function In this prison Built from urges and obsession But I can’t […]

Deep in the darkest forest Amidst the weather-worn trees Gnarled branches intertwined Blocking out the light There lies a cabin Small and tired-looking Lonely   But through the cobwebbed windows And crack beneath the door A soft glow emanates For a fire burns in that cabin Providing comfort, warmth and light Refuge and respite A […]

Is there any better friend out there Than our faithful teddy bear? By our side through thick and thin Always ready to be hugged To soak up the tears To be dragged through the mud To be the patient to our doctor A mortally wounded soldier Our partner in crime Our therapist in trying times […]