The way that you act Your distortion of facts Is just so vexing Mentally taxing I can’t understand why You always lie Evade or deny On matters so trivial And frankly immaterial If you could only just Be straight up and honest Your answer wouldn’t faze me As long as it were true But it […]

Every second, every minute Every hour, every day Everything we ever do Everything we ever say   Always on camera Texts and phone calls logged Every tweet or post or ‘gram All we write about or blog   Held on record somewhere In case we ever get flagged up Or find ourselves in the public […]

I forget a lot of things Like where I left my keys When my next dentist appointment is The reason for entering a room My parents’ birthdays What on earth I did last night… (thank you alcohol) But more than anything I need reminding of why I am here The good that I do The […]

I will always remember The moment you walked through the door The very first time I saw you In the flesh… real A memory that will endure Even when the rest all fade away I will hold on to that moment And carry it with me Always

The hardest thing I find When it comes to writing poetry Is not the rhythm or the rhyme The structure or the melody   The words flow from within The form they take is natural I put no effort in To that part of the cycle   Instead, the hardest part for me Is giving […]

He is not your friend No matter what he tells you It is all pretend Just another ruse To serve his own ends He doesn’t give a shit about you He just wants you on his side Until he doesn’t need you anymore Then he’ll toss you aside Leaving you with nothing But the bitter […]

I lie back and stare at the night sky Trying find the constellations But the stars all look the same to me   I seek no meaning out there Nor do I see beauty At least not in the stars themselves But their relative importance   For in their own solar systems These massive balls […]

Under investigation Forever on trial Everybody always judging Acting as jury Wielding the headsman’s axe Ready to swing For the slightest indiscretion   The world has become Little more than a courtroom Where we all find ourselves Sitting in the dock Or on the bench with gavel and wig Or in the jury weighing the […]

No need to fear The coming of the synthetic humans They’re already here Walking, talking, ‘living’ among us Picture perfect Factory-made Programmed and chipped Synthetic smiles Fixed to their plastic faces Emotionless Blank eyes Hollow heads Unaware of their purpose Loath to understand the truth of their existence Believing themselves to be independent and freethinking […]