They turn our wallets Into bullets Fashion taxes into guns It’s a war We’re paying for But fighting to never happen   They arrest Those who protest And call it “national security” We’re branded traitors By our dictators When we question their authority   They raid our banks To build tanks While we get nothing […]

I don’t usually do the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but I decided to partake in the tradition this year. Here’s an update on how it’s going:   My New Year’s Resolution For twenty-eighteen Was to make more conversation What an effort it’s been   I’m sure you understand It’s been hard but I’ve tried […]

Did. Do. Will do. Was. Is. Will be. Loved. Loves. Will love. Different tenses Are little more Than different lenses Viewing the same subject But from a different perspective   Loved. Loves. Will love. I have always loved you Even before we met Somehow I knew   I love you now With every fibre Of […]

Another offering from my Bedside Draw. I’m not entirely sure when it was written. Individuality Plagues all those in society I pray for simplicity Can’t we all be the same?   Trapped in our own self pity All alone in these crowded cities There’s no sense of unity Can’t we all be the same?   […]

Another offering from my Bedside Draw. Written around eight or nine years ago. Somewhat inspired by an enemy, Martin Finnegan, from the BioShock video game, and also by my own state of mind at the time. THE ICEMAN No more emotion Feelings are frozen I’m the fucking Iceman And the Iceman cometh for you   […]

I’m not some sort of genie I can’t make your wishes come true I can’t give you everything You’ll ever want or need I’m not a magical servant Fulfilling your every command But I will always be here Doing everything I can For you   If you liked this, you should totally check out my […]

I should have been able to rely on you To open up to you To talk about darkness festering inside me To release the demons dwelling in the shadows But I could not Because all you ever did Was make yourself the victim Of the disease that was killing me You told me to keep […]

Don’t fret About something That hasn’t even happened yet Don’t worry About anything That won’t live long in the memory Pay no heed To the itch It’s only when you scratch it that it bleeds Focus on the here and now Not the footprints you have left Nor the obstacles ahead If you don’t pay […]