An endless tightropeDown the centre of my mindFighting, always fightingTo keep my balanceSave myself from falling The voidThe pit of despairAwaits meShould I lose my footing And there have beenCountless timesAn unseen forceHas sought to drag meFrom this rope But one thingHolds me steadyAnd I knowAlways will You areThe fulcrumUpon which I findMy equilibrium

Your voiceCuts through meYour wordsUndo meTirelesslyPursue meExpertlySubdue me Your eyesSee through meExposingThe true meHiddenFrom the worldBut revealedTo you

Death of a Rainbow

Once I watched A rainbow Die   Melt Away And fade into The sky   A child Back then It pained me To see   Now grown I have learnt This is how life Must be   Storms Will pass And so too The rain   But good times Like bad Can never Remain   [...]

Stand With Me

Reposting this because it seems highly appropriate for the way shit's going right now. A song I wrote a couple of years ago, inspired by this poem here.   [verse 1] Stand with me as the towers fall As all else tumbles we’ll still stand tall Watch with me as the whole world crumbles The [...]


I have become Shadow At one With the dark Shine on a light On me And I'll flee Much like you fled That day I tried to give you My heart   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: shadow

Your Story

Life Is An open book Waiting To be written By you By me By all of us Each new day A blank space And empty page Awaiting Our ink Just Remember Not to close it Before Your story Is complete


The fire you set inside me Has long since died While once your breath Would fan the flames Such fuel is hard to find Without you by my side Now all that remains Are the ashes of heart Not even a spark Still burns inside   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: [...]

I Need You

I need you To challenge me But never fight me To push me But never force me To teach me But never preach to me To better me But never change me To complete me But not compete with me To be the wind in my sails And the anchor That holds me still Updated [...]