Did. Do. Will do. Was. Is. Will be. Loved. Loves. Will love. Different tenses Are little more Than different lenses Viewing the same subject But from a different perspective   Loved. Loves. Will love. I have always loved you Even before we met Somehow I knew   I love you now With every fibre Of […]

Will you drain me Of the pain And the blame I Place upon my shoulders Or will you fill me With the guilt With which I built These walls around me Will you share with me The burden that I Force myself to carry Or will you help me Face the memories I can neither […]

Why do people use the moon As an endearing metaphor; To describe how the one they love Bathes their world in a warm glow?   The moon does not emit its own light It merely reflects that of the sun So to liken someone to the moon Is to call them a reflection Of the […]

The Happy Ending Is a Hollywood concept Or something you pay extra for In a massage parlour It has no place in the real world Where every single day Is a fight to survive Working to live And living to work So the corporate bastards Who privatise water Food, shelter, warmth Healthcare, education Can sit […]

No matter what you go through I’ll be here to catch you when you fall I swear I’m never going to leave you ‘Cause I swear, I’m in this for the long haul   I know it won’t be the smoothest ride There will be times when the engine stalls But I will always be […]

The thought of it Makes my stomach churn How you left my Heart to burn In the fire that you set In the depths of my chest Not even waiting to douse the flames Before you left You walked out the door Never turning back To watch as my heart Began to smoulder and crack […]

Will you take my hand And let me lead you On the adventure That is the future And share with me The endless possibilities That await Will you take my hand And lead me Away from the pasts We led separately And have us explore The future can be ours Together   If you liked […]

Toxic Just one kiss is all it takes I’m weakened My legs tremble, body shakes   Poisoned Your venom flowing through my veins Sadistic You take pleasure from my pain   Captive Trapped by love I can’t break free Addictive I love the way you’re killing me   Fading I can’t fight this, I can’t […]

In a world so full of crazy You’re the only one can save me Give me some semblance of sanity And a vague sense of clarity Because you’re the only one The same crazy as me   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or […]