Twenty eight and (nearly) a half years Three hundred and forty one months One thousand, four hundred and eighty two weeks Ten thousand, three hundred and seventy six days Two hundred and forty nine thousand and twenty four hours Fourteen million, nine hundred and forty one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes Eight hundred and […]

There will be no apology From me to society And all who don’t like me I wasted too much time Playing by the rules Trying to be liked Making friends For the me that wasn’t even real And when I finally Lifted the veil And lowered the mask The me that I’d been hiding Was […]

They say it’s better to have loved and lost Then never to have loved at all But never is the landing ever truly worth the fall   How can it ever be better to lose something Then to never feel the heartache at all Better to have lost than never held Something so pure and […]

Such stark contrast Between you and I You the racist, the bigot The sexist and homophobic Nationalistic, imperialistic Ignorant piece of shit   And I Often found oblivious To colour and race Sexuality and gender Origin and heritage Informed and educated In the ways of the world   Such a stark contrast So hard to […]

The final beacon of hope has been extinguished And I can no longer see what lies ahead I will continue along this path Knowing that it leads to a cliff And with no beacon lighting my way Each step I now take Could be the one that send me over the edge But no matter […]

Do not assume That what you hear Is always real Or that what you see Is truly there   Do not presume You have all the answers Or that every question Has already been asked Of you   There is always more to see Always more to hear More to try and do If you […]

As a vaccine needs A sample of the disease As a cure for poison Requires a taste of the venom You will never understand What life is like on the other side If you don’t live it yourself See the world through their eyes Experience the ways They fill their days Or at least take […]

Don’t be premature In your celebrations Don’t be too presumptuous That you will be victorious Of all the many things History can claim to have taught us It’s that nothing is ever certain Until it’s over   Be always reticent Of fortunes not yet earned Remember how quickly The tables can turn And no matter […]

Life is the ultimate Pain in the ass When it comes to being an arsehole It comes top of the class   It has nothing left to learn There’s nothing it can be taught There’s no meaner prick than Life It’s the true master of the art   It’s a pureblood thoroughbred Raging ball of […]