The way that you act Your distortion of facts Is just so vexing Mentally taxing I can’t understand why You always lie Evade or deny On matters so trivial And frankly immaterial If you could only just Be straight up and honest Your answer wouldn’t faze me As long as it were true But it […]

I will always remember The moment you walked through the door The very first time I saw you In the flesh… real A memory that will endure Even when the rest all fade away I will hold on to that moment And carry it with me Always

Another day Another week Another month The year stuck in fast-forward The pause button long since lost No slowing the passage of time Deadlines approach Deadlines pass In the blink of an eye Moments I set aside for myself Too fleeting Too fast Gone

In the end We’re all the same Flesh and blood And skin and bone It shouldn’t matter Our place of birth Colour of skin Which gods we trust   We all breathe The same air Bask beneath The same sun Wish upon The same stars   No matter who we are Our race or religion […]

Keep your excuses Keep your reasons why Nothing you can say to me Could ever make it right You made a promise That you chose not to keep Let me down as you always do It doesn’t even surprise me anymore In fact I almost expect it But that doesn’t make it hurt any less […]

Whilst I take comfort from good company I find solace in my solitude So if I choose to be alone It’s not just me being rude   When on my own I’ve time to think Clear some space in my head Maybe write a poem or two Keep that impulse fed   Don’t take my […]

Rejuvenate Revitalise Invigorate And energise Clean the slate Start anew Cast off the weight That’s holding you It’s time to make Your chances tell Break free, escape From your cell You hold the key To all the doors So go, be free The chance is yours