Do you ever wish we’d never met? Or maybe in the future But not yet? Was the timing just not right For this to work without a fight Or were we destined from the start To end in tears?   Maybe this is how we’re meant to be A constant battle with the doubt Do […]

I need to knit me a sweater From the strands Of my tattered heart – So weathered and worn – To keep me warm On these dark nights spent Without you The world is so cold Since you left   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: knit

You tell me that You’re broken As though It’s a reason For me not to love you And simply walk away   But it’s never going to happen Like how I still drink my coffee Every morning from my favourite mug Despite the chipped rim And cracked handle Knowing that one day It will cut […]

How many times Must I write Your name And throw it On the fire Watch it turn To ash And float away On the breeze Until You stay gone How many times Until I finally forget   How many times more?   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: unrequited

Your heart sings along To songs it’s never heard before Words it doesn’t even know And barely understands No clue as to the meaning No idea of the melody Regurgitating someone else’s lines Like the world’s worst karaoke   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: karaoke

Again I catch you glancing in my direction, Your hair falling across your face once more. You brush it aside, a shy smile on lips; A smile for me, each time a reaction. It may only be fleeting, But it sets my heart beating… Harder, faster, blood pumping in my veins… And then you look […]

Our dreams Are the children Of our hearts And our minds So let them run wild And play Allow them To experience What the world has to offer Let them fall And fail And feel pain For they will learn And they will grow Nourished by experience And one day They will succeed They will […]

I have been the victim Of many a temptress Falling for And believing The empty promises Whispered By the succubi That have sat On my shoulder Motivated By greed By envy By lust By rage And every time I have been Betrayed But you You inspire me To be the best that I know I […]

Life often feels like little more Than a game of Russian Roulette Relief at every trigger pull Ending only in a hammer click Before you’re once again reminded There’s still a bullet loaded And each lucky escape Is one less empty chamber Between you And the final round   In response to the Word of […]