Published collections

“Peel away the skin
Tear the flesh aside
And take a peek inside
This f****d up world”

Our world is sick, and sicker still are the people who inhabit it.

‘Dissection’ is a poetry collection focusing on aspects of society one could perceive as diseased. Basically racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, misogyny, toxic masculinity, misandry and all other forms of hate and discrimination. Also covered are topics like climate change, lack of originality in the film and TV industry, and how difficult it is to buy a simple cup of coffee nowadays.

Love and loss, happiness and heartbreak, politics, society and more.

Syndrome covers all topics in emotional, angry, hard-hitting, bullish and original poetry.

Contains (limited) profanity.

The author accepts no responsibility for any offence taken by the reader. Unless they’re a politician, in which case any offence is entirely intentional.

Every poem or piece of verse written by the author in 2018.

Every frustration felt towards the political and social climate.

Every sense of hopelessness and despair in journey of life.

Every smile shared with friends.

Every beat of the heart.

Every up, down and deviation over 365 days.

F#ck depression. F#ck the bullies. F#ck the haters.

If you can dream it you can do it.

Let no-one and nothing stand in your way.

And remember, there is no such thing as an unwinnable fight.

Underdog is a collection of poems focused around fights with depression, bullies, haters and more. From the moments of self-doubt & adversity to those of victory.

In the author’s words, “If this collection of poems were to have a specific theme, I would have to say ‘musings, thoughts and other brain words that somehow got vomited onto paper.’”

Minds both wander and wonder, but too rarely do we listen. Unheard Wonderings of a Neglected Mind looks to put that right, laying out on paper many musings from the mind of Matt.

A mind that for so long was ignored and given to outlet for all its wanderings and wonderings.

As Matt writes, “everything I was too lazy or uninspired to finish writing.”

Unfinished Business is an “eclectic and fascinating” collection of unfinished multi-part stories, first chapters, stand-alone short stories, poems and tweets.

The words of an actual, non-biased reviewer. Surprising, we know, but we’ll take it!