What is a ‘Matt?’

This is a Matt.


  • Matt is a Brummie (sort of)
  • Matt has been sober since 30th May 2021
  • Matt likes coffee
  • Matt enjoys walking and waterfalls and trees and that kind of thing
  • Matt doesn’t like mean people
  • Matt likes coffee (was that mentioned already?)
  • Matt drinks a lot of coffee
  • Matt likes coffee

Born at some point before now, Matt is still alive to this day. He has spent time at different ages in his life so far; three months, six and half years, nearly a teenager, a teenager itself (for a whopping seven years!), and many, many more. It is unlikely he will try any of them again. Age is kind of a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

A qualified accountant/accounting technician (MAAT), Matt’s Monday to Friday is spent working. Writing occurs whenever he gets the chance or the inspiration strikes. Evenings and weekends are spent either playing video games (Skyrim, GTA, Fallout, PES because FIFA sucks now), watching Netflix or watching his beloved Alvechurch FC play home or away.

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If you want to find out any more, the answers likely lie in his writing. Or you can have a read of the interview he did over at toofulltowrite. Otherwise you can drop a comment or use the contact page.


Recorded: 26/10/17 by Ashleigh ‘Ace’ Carter
Slam & Soul @ Arthouse in Digbeth, Birmingham, UK
Poems read: Good Work, America and Shades