Awake in bed A thousand stories running through my head In worlds that exist only in my mind If I only had the time to explore Such adventure I would find And every possible tangent Every decision I could make Each road I could choose to take Spawns a new world Of infinite possibilities It […]

It’s hard to show humility When you know that you’re the best It’s such a fight to keep the vanity And arrogance repressed Faking all this modesty Is by far my biggest test When I know quite honestly I’m so far beyond the rest   I’m not arrogant, I promise thee Nor am I self-obsessed […]

Is there any better friend out there Than our faithful teddy bear? By our side through thick and thin Always ready to be hugged To soak up the tears To be dragged through the mud To be the patient to our doctor A mortally wounded soldier Our partner in crime Our therapist in trying times […]

It seems to me To be a lazy Sunday Everybody Wants to stay In bed ’til half past three We’ve got a thousand things to do But impetus has gone astray Nothing’s getting done today We tell ourselves “Just ten more minutes” As the clock ticks on And the hours pass And the before we […]

I don’t know how you do it Keep turning out such varied verse While everything I write I’ve wrote countless times before And try as I might I can’t come up with something new I can’t help but feel inferior When your posts come into view How do you do it? Find such unique perspectives […]

Drifting further away With every passing day Writing no longer my only release I’ve another means now of finding peace No more do I feel that urge to create Because it just doesn’t offer the same escape All I tend to do now is regurgitate I’ve exhausted all topics and drained the well And I’ve […]

The best things in life Often happen by chance Whether by accident Or contrary to best laid plans   Penicillin, the microwave Play-Doh, superglue and LSD Pacemakers, post-it notes And, according to my parents, even me   So make plans if you need For holidays or wedding speeches But don’t miss the lesson That these […]

I have all the words I want to say In my head But they’ve locked themselves away And refuse to come out and play I am poised and ready to write Fingers linger on the keyboard Ready to type But the words won’t budge I’ve tried every trick I know To give them a nudge […]

Well sated is my appetite I cannot take another bite I have gorged, I have feasted My taste buds have been treated To a festival of flavour Almost too much too savour I wish I could share And describe the fare But try as I might I’m simply too full to write

Twelve more months, done A year of progression Regression Realised ambitions New obsessions Countless questions The breaking of traditions   New friends Good friends And saying goodbye to bad friends Bridges burned Lessons learned Though much I still don’t comprehend   So tonight, I write I think (and drink) Seek out the answers I’ve yet […]