I don’t usually do the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but I decided to partake in the tradition this year. Here’s an update on how it’s going:   My New Year’s Resolution For twenty-eighteen Was to make more conversation What an effort it’s been   I’m sure you understand It’s been hard but I’ve tried […]

I’m not some sort of genie I can’t make your wishes come true I can’t give you everything You’ll ever want or need I’m not a magical servant Fulfilling your every command But I will always be here Doing everything I can For you   If you liked this, you should totally check out my […]

Don’t fret About something That hasn’t even happened yet Don’t worry About anything That won’t live long in the memory Pay no heed To the itch It’s only when you scratch it that it bleeds Focus on the here and now Not the footprints you have left Nor the obstacles ahead If you don’t pay […]

I wish the world would be quiet And leave me alone Give me a break From the constant drone The monotony of life The endless cycle of work and sleep I’ve just got to get away Find a place where I can play I don’t know what But I know I can’t stay ‘Cause this […]

There’s nothing under the sun That’s not already been written Every metaphor a cliché No brand new compositions Waiting to be scored No original comparisons Remain to be made All we can do is reimagine And hope it gets mistaken For something new Or at least vaguely different   If you liked this, you should […]

I hear them Stumbling Shuffling Lumbering Shambling Moving ever closer Heavy steps Dragging feet Laboured breaths Distressed moans Hungry groans They’re out there Somewhere I hear them But I can’t see them… If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or as a Kindle download

Raindrops fall Puddles forming all around Reflecting the moonlight Like pools of silver on the ground Fireflies flitter A distant streetlight flickers  A soft wind blows The liquid silver shimmers And I feel a glimmer of peace Pass through me Like the calm before a storm I stare up at the moon As its powers […]

People try to interrupt Disrupt my train of thought Then they get defensive Call me oversensitive When I get aggressive But they riled me Derailed me Now they’re gonna learn ‘Cause I’m about to blow Erupt like Vesuvius And bury them like Pompeii If you really want to fuck with me In the end you’re […]

I’ve always been disruptive Ever since I was at school People saw me as a rebel A jester or a fool But I had no ill intention I wasn’t trying to be cool I was just stuck playing a game To which I didn’t like the rules   I’ve never seen the world The way […]

I beg of you Don’t turn out the light We all know the monsters Come out at night Lurking in the shadows Stalking the unknowing Hunting the unsuspecting Feasting on the sleeping Hiding and waiting Ready to pounce Once the light goes out I hear them In my closet Under my bed So I bury […]