Liturgy of Depravity

It is no escapeTo make sense of the mysteryThe pill for aidingOur existence is depravityDreaming dreamy dreamsOf tantalising travestiesPlagued by thoughtless thoughtsWe all need a little tragedy Forget the voices stopListen even in their paucityLet their words satisfyA requirement for insanityYour mind has long departedFor the shores of incapacitySo dwell with me a whileHere in [...]


I feel the pressure buildingEvery minute getting worseI gotta find releaseBefore it bursts A wounded mindInfected thoughtsI need reliefFrom what they’ve wrought So pass the scalpelPass the penI’ll do anythingTo make this end Cut it openLet it bleedWords must flowIt’s all I need


As the world sleeps The virus creeps Silent Invisible Hungry Preying on the weak Sinking claws Into flesh And dragging them off To their eternal rest   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: quietus

What Is Poetry?

Poetry To me Is none of that Pretentious tripe The fancy writers Use to describe Their chosen art form   "The crying of the soul"   "The words the heart speaks When the lips can't open"   "A pain so intense That tears become words"   Poetry To me Is just words That I'm too [...]

What Rhymes With Coffee?

"What rhymes with coffee?" The only word that I can think of Would be toffee Maybe one or two near rhymes But they're all a little off key They'd have a better chance of working Spoken softly But I'll try to think of more When I'm a little less groggy And my brain less foggy [...]

Leap of Faith

I knew better than to look Before I leapt For I never would have jumped Had I ever checked   I closed my eyes and from the cliff I lunged Without a clue what lay below I took the plunge   I didn't have a clue How far I'd fall Or if I'd survive the [...]


Another slow Writing day I don't know What to say I long to go Into the fields I've words to sow And tales to tell But nothing grows That I can find No water flows The river's dried So I guess, instead I'll stay inside


That look in your eyes May only be fleeting But I can't deny It sets my heart beating I know my fate Is patiently waiting For it soon will be Twilight And my flesh you'll be eating