I’m feeling jittery Becoming rather fidgety Feet are getting twitchy My brain is kinda itchy Need to scratch it Or detach it I don’t care Just make it stop   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: jittery Not sure if these jitters are caused by too much caffeine, or not enough.

One day at the Carnival I peeked inside the Fortune Teller’s stall She sat head bowed Dressed in rags Hands resting on her crystal ball   Her whispered voice Cut through the haze And background noise   “Every future is known to me, Love,┬ádeath, your destiny. For just one dollar you too can see What […]

I picture The creative process In many ways   Sometimes It is akin To sitting in a cave Alone Waiting For some weary traveler To shamble in Take shelter by my fire Sate their hunger And tell me a tale Or two   Sometimes It is more like A gallery Its walls covered In abstract […]

The oldest habits always die the hardest And roads we walk to break them Take us the farthest Away from our comfort zones The places where our minds feel most at home But the more drastic the change The closer it takes us To where we truly want to be   Response to the Word […]

I wrote you a letter It was full of questions I’m not even sure I want the answers to Perhaps I was trying To antagonise Maybe I was hoping It might open your eyes I guess I will never know why I wrote you that letter But I know you never read it And maybe […]

She said she’d be my Queen That our hearts would be united For eternity That the bonds between us Were unbreakable That is was our destiny To be together, forever Emotionally Physically Sensually…   That was the moment I realised She was probably a bot Or was going to try and scam me   Response […]

The odds may never be Weighted in my favour But that just gives victory A sweetness to be savoured I may be the underdog But I don’t pay attention to the odds   The poem that features in and lends its name to my third poetry collection, Underdog, due out 20th September! (yes I do […]

Welcome To my world My own little corner Of existence Far removed From the reality That society Would force you To accept   In my world The only limits Are those you impose Upon yourself And what is possible Is dictated only By your imagination   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: […]

He had the adoration Of many a generation But out of the spotlight It was a lonely existence Wherever he’d go Everyone knew his name But every night spent alone The price he paid for his fame   I wanted to write more but words are not my friends today Response to the Word of […]

I can’t handle This rejection The dejection I feel Abandoned By the voices In my time Of greatest need Come back to me My children I need to hear You speak Otherwise I cannot write   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: rejection