Fictional realities Sugarcoated truths Gold-encrusted fallacies Sheepskins worn by wolves Can any ‘facts’ be trusted? Or have they all been corrupted?   My laptop has died. Any purchase of my book would help put me in a position where I could replace it. Or Buy Me a Coffee and we’ll be bestest buddies forever

Will it ever end? The constant need for fighting Is there no hope left?   Nothing but violence Fuelled by money and power Will it ever end?   Oil and diamonds Only serve to fan the flames Is there no hope left?   Peace a memory War the only truth they know Will it ever end? […]

I bash one out Maybe three times a day But the pressure inside It never goes away When it gets too much I just have to find peace I feel it building And I need to release Whether sat at work Or on the train I can’t hold back I’ve got no restraint Always rising […]

It doesn’t always feel like I’m really here My body is present in this world But my mind exists in another plane I see things in a way They are not meant to be seen As though their outside layers Have been peeled back And I am looking at what’s beneath; The harsh truths behind the façades […]

People think I’m not from the city So I must be a bumpkin Only suited to the country Ploughing fields or raising cattle Sitting on porches and chewing tobacco And that I wouldn’t survive A night in the hustle Of the big city lights And the traffic and the bustle But they don’t realise I […]

Past experience has taught me To always assume That I’m the smartest person in the room And in my efforts not to complicate I sometimes over-compensate So if ever it sounds Like I’m talking down to you Lecturing or scolding you Please understand That it’s nothing personal I just have confidence in what I say […]

Empty notebook Pen in hand Thinking hard But the river’s dammed Spent all day Trying to write But nothing’s flowing No words in sight Put down the notebook Put down the pen I’ll get some sleep Then try again Head hits the pillow Off goes the light Now come the words Piercingly bright Prick like […]

A shadow of my former self Nothing left Of who I used to be But a silhouette The person I once was Now a memory This is a new me A better me   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or as a Kindle download