I forget a lot of things Like where I left my keys When my next dentist appointment is The reason for entering a room My parents’ birthdays What on earth I did last night… (thank you alcohol) But more than anything I need reminding of why I am here The good that I do The […]

The hardest thing I find When it comes to writing poetry Is not the rhythm or the rhyme The structure or the melody   The words flow from within The form they take is natural I put no effort in To that part of the cycle   Instead, the hardest part for me Is giving […]

I lie back and stare at the night sky Trying find the constellations But the stars all look the same to me   I seek no meaning out there Nor do I see beauty At least not in the stars themselves But their relative importance   For in their own solar systems These massive balls […]

I have become one of them Sitting alone in my room Scrolling through social media feeds Reading poetry and prose Admiring pretty pictures Laughing at terrible puns Catching up on gossip and news But never liking nor commenting It feels almost as though I am stood Rather awkwardly On the edge of a conversation Listening […]

I’m an advocate of swearing I make no bones about it As far as I’m concerned No word should be off limits (but only if, of course, the context will allow it)   You see the beauty of profanity Is found within its versatility The nigh on endless applicability Its conciseness and simplicity   Take […]

I only wish for you to see me The way I see you But my feelings remain Unrequited Kept hidden away Under lock and key I long to tell you How I feel But I don’t want to deal With what comes after Perhaps I can change The way you see me Chip away At […]

I know that some people like it But I say “To hell with acoustic” I like my music Deafeningly electric   You see, I like it heavy With distortion aplenty BPM over one-eighty And lyrics chock full of frenzy   No I don’t like it dainty You gotta make that riff tasty And the bass […]

I upset and I offend Both strangers and friends Because I don’t understand The societal trend To be someone else Never be yourself Applying a filter Between brain and mouth   But it means I never need vetting Because you know what you’re getting Unconsciously offensive Accidentally upsetting Divisive opinions But honest and open Some […]

Physical pain Adding to the mental Discomfort spreads Through my body To my head No relief No end to the stress And the agony A constant ache In my muscles In my bones In my mind As I’m subjected Continuously To a multitude of brutal blows All I want Is a break A rest A […]

It’s too damn hot I can’t stand the heat My brain is fried I’m tired and weak   I don’t think I can survive It’s like I’m being Roasted alive   Hot and airless Stuck inside But it’s no better When I step outside   People say Enjoy the sun But I don’t find This […]