Previously: Part 5 All chapters Part 6 Faith. The one thing I had always lacked. In people, in a God, in myself. I needed now to have faith in that which I had dismissed as my imagination, and ultimately all but forgotten. Faith in the very thing that haunted the first ten years of my […]

“This place feels familiar.” I looked around the forest clearing. “Oh, good.” The relief in Violet’s voice was noticeable. “I was afraid you wouldn’t remember it.” I cocked my head to one side. “Have we been here before?” She gave me a look I was far too used to seeing. That look which says ‘you’re […]

Previously: Part 4 All chapters Part 5 “There’s a storm coming, Jack!” I was brought back to wakefulness by a familiar voice and hand on my shoulder, shaking me hard. My eyes opened to the sight of black clouds rolling in. Father Michael stood over me, looking concerned. It was getting dark. “Father? What time […]

“I was aware that she was using me, right from the start. I hated that feeling, knowing I was nothing but a pawn to her. But she was my Queen and I would have done anything for her. I would have laid down my life in an instant had she asked me to. But sadly […]

Previously: Part 3 All chapters Part 4 My heart stopped. Or at the very least it skipped a beat. “You mean…” “They are real, Jack,” the father nodded. He placed what was probably supposed to be a comforting hand on my shoulder, but I couldn’t feel it. I had gone numb. “And I am sorry […]

“I used to long for death.” Violet rested her head on my shoulder. “And now?” My arm around her shoulders tightened. The wind picked up, leaves blowing around the bench on which we sat. “Honestly, Mark” she pulled herself closer into my embrace. “It’s not how I imagined it.” There was a sadness and resignation […]

“Hmm, very interesting.” The man sitting across from me stroked his chin thoughtfully. I sat forward in my chair, hands clasped in my lap. His eyes continued to scan over my application. “You fancy yourself as a daredevil, eh?” he chuckled. “Not really.” I struggled to contain the nervousness in my voice. “But, erm, y’know […]

“Come on,” she said, frantically packing sand-strewn belongings into the bag. “The tide is coming in.” No,” I replied without emotion, staring at the white crests zigzagging delightfully across the ocean’s surface. “I fear that the land may, in fact, be sinking.” Written in response to a triple word prompt I saw on earlier today […]

Previously: Part 2 All chapters Part 3 The cold hit me the second I walked through the doorway. Outside, beneath the summer sun and dressed in the mandatory black attire of funerals, I had been sweltering. Inside, however, it felt like midwinter. I was taken aback as well by the silence. Every minute I had […]

Previously: Part 1 All chapters Part 2 And then silence. I stood before the church, for the first time in my life, without the whispered voices. And for the first time ever I missed them. I had so many questions now that I had finally been able to understand what they were saying. The storm […]