Short stories

The Fall Of An Empire

"How quickly an empire can fall." "I... I don't understand what went wrong." "You allowed greed and complacency to get the better of you. Rookie mistake." "But-" "Buy cheap, build fast. I told you that's the way to do it." "Whatever. Monopoly's a stupid game, anyway."   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge… Continue reading The Fall Of An Empire

Short stories

Dea Ignis – vss

England, circa. 1660 AD Hundreds gathered in the square, surrounding the pyre, cheering loudly. Two priests stood by the pile of wood, bibles in hands. A woman, young in years, was dragged roughly along the ground by half a dozen guards, towards the pyre. She was dressed in a white gown, though muddied and torn;… Continue reading Dea Ignis – vss

Short stories

excerpt from my current WIP

"There's nothing radical about my proposal." Roulette sneered, loading a single round into his trusted revolver. "Forgive me, friend," he scoffed," but that's precisely what is so suspect." Danny was a little taken aback. "You're suspicious because of its simplicity?" "Of course," Roulette nodded. "Nothing so simple should ever be taken at face value. Either… Continue reading excerpt from my current WIP

Friend From Foe

Friend From Foe: pt.1

Nick Knight opened his eyes as his hand searched blindly for his ringing mobile phone. “Go away,” he groaned, tiredness and anger combined in his voice. Eventually locating it he picked it up carefully, being sure to avoid touching the screen and inadvertently answering the call. Squinting against the harsh white light in the otherwise… Continue reading Friend From Foe: pt.1