Short stories

Pest Control – vss

Warming my hands against the flames I watched the shapes begin to materialize out of the murk. It was always foggy by the river, day or night, and the warmth and light the fire provides never failed to draw them out. They would come in search of food; flesh and marrow, preferably human but they weren't… Continue reading Pest Control – vss

Friend From Foe

Friend From Foe: pt.1

Nick Knight opened his eyes as his hand searched blindly for his ringing mobile phone. “Go away,” he groaned, tiredness and anger combined in his voice. Eventually locating it he picked it up carefully, being sure to avoid touching the screen and inadvertently answering the call. Squinting against the harsh white light in the otherwise… Continue reading Friend From Foe: pt.1

Short stories

State of Anarchy

It's three years since the Uprising; a global revolution that triggered the total collapse of governments and monarchies worldwide, plunging the world into an anarchistic darkness. Very few serving leaders survived. The rich were dragged from their homes and stripped of all they owned, including the clothes on their back. Armies defied their leaders, refusing… Continue reading State of Anarchy