I have adapted some of my poems into full songs (verses, chorus, maybe a bridge) and written the accompanying music on Noteflight. Most are written for two guitars (rhythm and lead), bass guitar and drums. I would LOVE to hear them performed by a real life band one day, so if you might be interested (or know somebody else who could be) in using any of these, please do get in touch.

Also check out my SoundCloud for instrumentals I’ve written.

Note: click on the image to view the song on Noteflight

Laid to Waste

Genre: Punk rock
A message to those generations who successfully screwed this world for the rest of us, without having to suffer the consequences themselves. One after another they harvested the world’s resources without a second thought for those coming after, or just what effect it might have. And now it is left to us to fix the mess that they made.

History Repeats

Genre: Punk rock
Written primarily in response to the continued actions of Israel against Palestine and their treatment of Arabs, History Repeats also takes aim at Western superpowers such as the US and UK, and how their own inaction is a direct contributor to the seemingly endless bloodshed.


Genre: Punk rock
In short, f*** fashion.
Year on year the trends change and society’s need keep up is out of control. Whether it be clothes, TV shows, music or anything else, the money wasted and literal waste generated is immeasurable. Why can’t we place a little less importance on fashion, and a little more on shit that actually matters?
Please, people, calm the f*** down.

Recipe for the Youth of Today

Genre: Punk rock
Today’s youth are being raised on little more than hate. racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia… you name it, the media are peddling it. And then they have the nerve to question why young people are so full of it!
(this one has an obvious Bad Religion sound to it)

Stand With Me

Genre: Punk/metal
A love song (of sorts) simply asking for that one person to be by your side no matter what. When society collapses and the world turns to ash, will they still stand with you?
(I made a karaoke style video for this one, too)

Done With You

Genre: Punk rock
By far one of my most powerful and emotionally driven pieces, written and composed in just a couple of hours after calling the cops on my girlfriend’s abusive husband. Despite being one of my earliest attempts at songwriting & composing, Done With You is right up there as one of my strongest.


Genre: Punk rock
Warning: this one is quite sweary…
It’s a love song, kinda, about two people discovering that shared craziness that sets them apart from everyone else.
(this song contains possibly my favourite guitar riff that I’ve created)


Genre: Pop punk
Again, a love song, this time all about finding that one person you would gamble it all for. Plenty of gambling references and clichés.
Apparently this is my ‘best’ song, but I’m not convinced.

Society’s Rules

Genre: Punk rock
“You gotta break the rules before the rules break you.”
I got that line stuck in my head and had to turn it into a song. It’s more about non-conformity than it is about anarchy, but hey, take it however you want.

Sand Storm

Genre: Light rock
The music to this piece was originally written by my brother, but I chose to jazz it up with electric guitars and more comprehensive drums. The chorus does state that “This is not a love song” but, in truth, I think it is. Not necessarily a romantic love, but love none-the-less.

Longing for the Rain

Genre: Light rock
As the image might suggest, this one is all about cunnilingus. Or maybe sex in general. It’s not explicit, but the lyrics do rather give it away.