Everything’s so scientific Songs written using algorithms Tried-and-tested formulae No passion or emotion Just perfect engineering To reach the biggest audience Instead of evoking feelings So all we hear on the radio Is the same song Just written a different way A constant barrage of empty words And hollow lines  

No longer will I Allow myself to be drawn into Petty online arguments Based on personal opinions Or my take on the world Bait me all you like You won’t succeed If I don’t feel the need To clarify My views or beliefs Or immediate reactions To certain situations I won’t satisfy Your craving for […]

“Ignorance is bliss” Perhaps for you it is But those of us in the know Have to suffer you Believing that you know it all When in truth you know nothing at all And no matter the evidence That you are presented with You dismiss it all as hearsay Label it all as heresy   […]

You gave that man power He’s too weak to control He’s let in consume him And take over his soul   It’s poisoned his mind Corrupted his heart No, wait… He was like that from the start   He’s selfish and arrogant Totally repugnant He’s a sexist, a racist A blatant white supremacist   He doesn’t […]

Breathtaking beauty Turning heads at breakneck speed No second glances needed For the first simply never ceased Men would fawn and drool Show themselves as nought but fools As she’d take them for a ride Let them fall in love with the outside Before showing them what lay within The putrid centre behind the perfect […]

My mouth is often premature My words are somewhat immature It’s clear that I don’t think before I speak I have no discernible filter It’s not uncommon that I bewilder But it’s just one thing that helps make me unique   I’d have it no other way I like not knowing what I will say […]

A pill for this, a pill for that For building muscle or trimming fat A pill to help with dieting Or supplement our vitamins A pill to help you sleep at night To make you think it’s all alright A pill to take away the pain In your body or in your brain A pill […]

What a shambles Everything in disarray You took a gamble But it didn’t work out the way That you envisaged You pinned your hopes On a losing horse Now destined for The knacker’s yard Oh, what a mess How did it come to this? It’s time to reassess Find a way out of this crisis […]

What could possibly be more stimulating Than watching your country disintegrating Wondering what course of action is best And whether the outcome be worth all this distress Friends fighting friends; backstabbing the new norm No-one accepting that they’d been misinformed   And whilst people from all sides claim they have the answers Rather than fix […]

Loose lips An uninhibited tongue No care For the damage done Encouraging Violence and hurt Lives lost To careless words And still You carry on Belligerent Fueling the hostility Feeding the toxicity Yet denying responsibility For the actions your words bring