Media corporations Rule the airwaves Broadcasting propaganda From the T.V stations Turning us into slaves Programming our minds Controlling the population From inside our own heads We are the braindead generation  

Twenty eight and (nearly) a half years Three hundred and forty one months One thousand, four hundred and eighty two weeks Ten thousand, three hundred and seventy six days Two hundred and forty nine thousand and twenty four hours Fourteen million, nine hundred and forty one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes Eight hundred and […]

A common misconception Is that because I have strong opinions And I am not afraid to give them a voice And stand by my beliefs With unwavering conviction I must be narrow-minded Unwilling to listen to the opposition Unable to consider a different viewpoint But this is often claimed By those who talk over me […]

Impatience spreads And with it selfishness And a lack of consideration For the safety of others Friend, family, stranger It doesn’t seem to matter The apparent need To be somewhere now Outweighs the true need To even just get there at all People need to slow down Take a breath Prioritise Think

We live in a world Where selfless deeds and good intentions Are noteworthy occasions Whilst cruel behaviour and selfish actions Are accepted as the norm   We live in a world Where “Look after number one” Is the rule so many people follow Ignoring the plight Pushing out of sight Anybody needing help Call them […]

It’s not your duty To stand on ceremony So do what you must And take a knee   When your words Are not enough And they go unheard Take a knee   When the anthem sounds For the Land of the Free Exercise your right And take a knee   A show of courage And […]

We have been infected By our obsessions with celebrities Worshiping Idolising Immortalising Treating them as deities And allowing the notion To spread through culture Taking hold Like a disease   We have given them power That they cannot control They have not the knowledge To wield the voice we granted them   Yet we do […]

“Love the skin you’re in” They say Unless of course: You’re too fat Or too thin Got scraggly hair Or saggy skin A pointy nose Or a double chin Tree-trunk thighs Narrow lips No ass And tiny hips A flat chest Or droopy breasts Fix all these And only then Are you allowed to love […]

We call them out for lying Falsifying facts Operating fraudulently They blame it On a slight miscommunication Some possible misinformation An error of judgement A minor oversight   And each one To them may be irrelevant But they soon add up Until we’re trillions of pounds in debt Too hungry to work Too poor to […]

Our lives are not commodities For you to trade or barter with We’re not a fucking currency To spend on your frivolities You’ve spent your life inside a bubble Breathing the recycled air of self importance Oblivious to the poisoned fumes outside Blind to everyone else’s troubles Deaf to all our words So we’re replacing […]