Hell just isn’t hot enough The flames burn far too cold There’s no place on or beyond this earth Where you can ever cleanse your soul Did you strike a deal with the devil Did you trade morality for gold The acts that you’ve committed So unforgivably cruel Your conscience irreversibly twisted You’re the absolute […]

Your thoughts and prayers And your condolences They don’t mean shit To the grieving parents A nation weeps Hearts are breaking As its children sleep Never waking Brothers and sisters Daughters and sons Mothers and fathers Slaughtered with guns But still you refuse To pin the blame On these deadly weapons Instead you claim That […]

They tell us to be cautious Give us lists of what to fear Making us suspicious Of all we see and hear   They claim stories as fictitious If they don’t like the truth While they spread their own malicious Rumours without a shred of proof   Yet people ask me why I’m always so […]

Are you willfully misinformed Or just woefully ill-informed Do you deliberately choose To believe the bias in the news Or is it purely by chance You eat straight from their hands Either way – you need to open your eyes Or you’ll be full of shit If you insist On swallowing nothing but lies   If […]

Spreaders of lies – cultivators of hate Journalists know too well The masses care not for the truth It’s affirmation of views that really sells So the papers print a version That their loyal sheep will read Because nobody reads the papers for facts It’s just something on which they can feed So whether you tend […]

Do you find yourself vexed Bewildered and perplexed By the nonsense all around you And the people that surround you Are you sick of all the trends Never knowing who’s your friend Are you tired of the same old shit Wishing you could somehow quit The never-ending chore that we call life   Yeah, me […]

Valentine’s Day is just a week away Now’s the time the singles all come out to play The dating sites are charging premium rates Panicking subscribers not yet resigned to their fate Still desperately looking for a date The women who don’t want to spend it alone The men who are looking for someone to […]

How do you allow Yourselves to swallow The tales they spin With tongues or pens They tell no truths And care not for proof But you beg for more So they happily pour Lie after lie Down your open throat   You read only sources That you already trust But they’re all second hand At […]

Your profuse apologies Fall on deaf ears You made a mistake And that is all it takes Redemption and rehabilitation No longer exist in this society   An ill-judged tweet You forgot to delete A journalistic piece A misguided belief Will never be forgotten In this age of no mercy There is only retribution   […]

Like weeds growing on both sides of the fence Roots burrowing deep through the dirt Strangling the flowers of truth and sense Spreading its lies through the earth And those who care for the gardens Become accustomed to the weeds Believe them flowers to which they tend And blindly spread their seeds No inkling or […]