They asked me what power I wanted Flight, invisibility, telekinesis… But I turned them all down   “I’m human,” I answered, “I already have The greatest power of all; The ability to influence The emotions of others.”   We all have that power So use it fucking carefully   Response to the Word of the […]

Oh sorry Did I upset you And offend you With my jokes And my opinions And my bad language   Are you really Such a delicate little flower That a single drop Of humour Caused you to wilt and wither   Well that’s on you I take no blame You won’t get me To feel […]

How do you feel no shame?   As you cry those crocodile tears Knowing you’re the reason A nation mourns Hearts are torn   How do you feel no shame?   Another man may pull the trigger But with your words in his ears And your hate in his heart   How do you feel […]

Does it not sting? Your bladed tongue Flicking back and forth Between your lips Clicking and clacking As you spit bile In place of words   One day We can hope You will swallow your tongue And choke On the poisoned barbs With which you weave Such hate   Response to the Word of the […]

They call us rowdy Say we’re out of control Roughneck hooligans ‘Cause we’re raucous and wild But they can’t see Past society’s rules That we’re living free While they’re allĀ under control   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: rowdy

How lonely it must be Being a dragon   I could never grow old Hoarding my gold Sacrificing Family and friends For a wealth No man could ever spend   What good is there In that? To have so much That you want for nothing? But it seems the more you have The more you […]

Empty gazes Vacant smiles Painted faces On hollow shells Indoctrinated Made to pay Sick and jaded Gone astray All in the name Of entertainment Free will and thought Taken as payment   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: youth

Posing for a shoot for a magazine Clad in D&G and Gucci Sat atop a limousine Fingers dressed with diamond rings Such a vulgar display of wealth While trying to claim That behind the fame They’re “just like everyone else”   Just one of many reasons I want nothing to do with ‘celebrities’ and will […]

You treat yourself As my equal Yet try to place me Beneath you When you realise You are not And in doing so You fail to see How you only fall further In the eyes of those Who will be judging you When the time comes   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge […]

There are very few things In this world That I like So don’t take it personally If I dislike you It’s just my default setting   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: dislike