They turn our wallets Into bullets Fashion taxes into guns It’s a war We’re paying for But fighting to never happen   They arrest Those who protest And call it “national security” We’re branded traitors By our dictators When we question their authority   They raid our banks To build tanks While we get nothing […]

Seemingly talking for hours Yet saying nothing at all I heard every word you spoke But no meaning do I recall I can find no substance In any of your mutterings I can think of no instance There was a point to your utterings Little but garbled gibberish Seems to escape your lips Nothing but […]

People are stupid Hopelessly helplessly Often inexcusably Stupid And hypocritical Employing double standards One rule for them Another for the rest We’re all guilty of it People ask of the papers Peddling propaganda “Why do people read this shit?” “Who on earth believes this shit?” And all the while They share the stories printed By […]

Woeful incompetence Total lack of common sense Hopeless inefficiency Devoid of job proficiency No real-life experience No real-world intelligence Under-worked and overpaid Greedy, selfish waste of space Is that what’s required for the position Of the modern-day politician?   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback […]

They try to treat all our ills With prescription pills That catch in our throat Making us choke But still they convince us That swallow them we must And so we obey Taking our pills everyday Until we’re told the sickness Has finally left us Or upping our dosage If we’re still not cured But […]

Peace and friendship Love and respect When did these become Such foreign concepts Helping others Selfless deeds Meeting everyone’s Basic needs A roof over their head A place to sleep Warm clothes And food to eat But now it’s money People care about Lining their pockets And filling their wallets Putting own wants Before others’ […]

Remember to iron out those wrinkles Dye you hair with chemicals Wear the hottest fashion label Make yourself look unforgettable But end up looking identical To all the other hollowed out shells That used to be people Before they were strangled By society’s tentacles Now take your place With the other painted dolls   If […]

It used to take weeks Even months Gifts of flowers or chocolates And small but meaningful gestures Whispering sweet nothings in her ear Taking the time to make her blush And fall for you But now everything is rushed Swiping left or right Sending pictures of body parts Exchanging wants and desires Via text No […]

Convention It’s just another word for oppression Uniforming the people In what they’re told is the fashion Setting trends to aid the suppression Of anyone preaching self-expression Establishing rules based On age old tradition Free-thinking seen as an aberration New ideas met with apprehension By leaders unelected Only there through succession   If you liked […]