Every second, every minute Every hour, every day Everything we ever do Everything we ever say   Always on camera Texts and phone calls logged Every tweet or post or ‘gram All we write about or blog   Held on record somewhere In case we ever get flagged up Or find ourselves in the public […]

He is not your friend No matter what he tells you It is all pretend Just another ruse To serve his own ends He doesn’t give a shit about you He just wants you on his side Until he doesn’t need you anymore Then he’ll toss you aside Leaving you with nothing But the bitter […]

Under investigation Forever on trial Everybody always judging Acting as jury Wielding the headsman’s axe Ready to swing For the slightest indiscretion   The world has become Little more than a courtroom Where we all find ourselves Sitting in the dock Or on the bench with gavel and wig Or in the jury weighing the […]

No need to fear The coming of the synthetic humans They’re already here Walking, talking, ‘living’ among us Picture perfect Factory-made Programmed and chipped Synthetic smiles Fixed to their plastic faces Emotionless Blank eyes Hollow heads Unaware of their purpose Loath to understand the truth of their existence Believing themselves to be independent and freethinking […]

Am I wrong Because I won’t apologise For my different wiring For not being another plastic personality In this manufactured society?   Am I wrong For not being afraid Of others taking offence At jokes I make And the points I make About just how fake Our lives have become?   Am I wrong For […]

Too few people Are comfortable with candour Choosing little white lies Over an honest approach But those seemingly small Inconsequential untruths Are tough to control And like a solitary spark Becomes a wildfire That tiny lie grows It rages Untameable Destroying all that it touches Causing irreversible damage Far worse than the truth ever could

It’s clear some people Will never be placated Their appetite for conflict Can never be stated To them peace and friendship Are well over rated So they exist in a bubble Of anger and hatred   Hurling insults and barbs In every direction Making enemies Of every faction They care not for stability But endless […]

Please don’t call me a hero For just doing my duty As a functioning member Of society For doing as anybody else Could be expected to do For¬†offering help To those in need   Please don’t call me a hero I should not serve as an inspiration But as a lesson Of how far our […]

I can’t tell the difference anymore Is it a spoof? Is it the truth? Is it a doc or mockumentary? The line was oh-so clear before But now this oaf Has me confused He seems so rudimentary Like a¬†Sacha Baron Cohen caricature But this is one we can’t ignore   It’s all gone too far […]

Close your ears to the ruckus Focus only on the susurrus Hushed whispers of those plotting The best way to control us   Watch for the distractions Don’t be fooled by the attractions They dangle in our faces So we forget our dissatisfaction   Don’t get caught off guard Be cautious of the hazards Don’t […]