We strive to validate And justify For fear our worth Is just a lie   Always¬†careful Ever watchful Of the value We assume Ourselves to hold   But knockoffs Are never worth As much As the real deal   So be you Only you Genuine Authentic Original The real deal   Response to the Word […]

You fought so hard To realise A dream that was never your own And now You jeopardise The closest thing to power That you have ever known   Tell us How are we to trust That you will do the best for us When you so clearly fail To know what is best for yourself […]

Knowledge As many say Is power And I would tend To concur But not in this age Of social media And the resurgence Of mob mentality For the knowledge of the few Simply cannot placate The ignorant many Once they get worked Into a frenzy   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompts: […]

They care not for our freedom Or upholding the constitution   Claim they want a fairer world But only they will ever benefit From the rules they introduce   They have no interest in our needs Or how we’re affected by their deeds   It will never be about what’s right or wrong Pretend to […]

I chose unity Over discord I chose love Over hate I chose stability Over turmoil I chose hope Over fear And for this I was branded A Traitor   But if discord Hate Turmoil And fear Were the values For which you stood All along Then I was never One of you And to have […]

My youthful approach Has often drawn praise And ridicule too For my immature ways   Some people enjoy The young-eyed perspective While others will find it Somewhat defective   As though heavily lacking In real world experience When in truth it is more Of youthful resilience   Finding light in the darkness Instead of darkness […]

Being popular Doesn’t make you a winner Fewer friends Doesn’t mean that you’ve lost Those are dangerous views to take A smaller, yet closer, circle Is more beneficial Than one that is too large and wide For you to stand in the middle And still touch the sides So be sure However big or small […]

Oh sorry Did I upset you And offend you With my jokes And my opinions And my bad language   Are you really Such a delicate little flower That a single drop Of humour Caused you to wilt and wither   Well that’s on you I take no blame You won’t get me To feel […]

How do you feel no shame?   As you cry those crocodile tears Knowing you’re the reason A nation mourns Hearts are torn   How do you feel no shame?   Another man may pull the trigger But with your words in his ears And your hate in his heart   How do you feel […]

Does it not sting? Your bladed tongue Flicking back and forth Between your lips Clicking and clacking As you spit bile In place of words   One day We can hope You will swallow your tongue And choke On the poisoned barbs With which you weave Such hate   Response to the Word of the […]