The Fear Inside Me

I can’t stop this worry, this fear, this dread

It’s consuming me, inside my heart and head

I can’t be with you to hold you tight

I can’t take away your pain tonight


I need to know you’ll be okay

Know that you won’t slip away

I have to know that you won’t leave me

I need you here to guide, to lead me


You’re brave, you’re strong, I know you’ll fight

But I need to know you’ll be alright

I know that you will not give up

But the fear I hold, it just won’t stop


My heart, it says you’ll make it through

My head, though, doesn’t know what to do

I’ll keep believing, I’ll hope, I’ll pray

You’re going nowhere, and here you’ll stay


  1. This is good. Its nice how two people depend on each other for support. The person writing the poem wants to be there for someone who seems to be not OK at the moment. But he also wants that person to be with him to guide him. This line “I need you here to guide, to lead me” brings out this co-dependence beautifully. This poem would fit (almost) perfectly for a short story I wrote a few days earlier

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